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Programs & Events

Wednesday, April 23rd

6:00 p.m. - Tech Classes with Paul: Cloud Services [read more]

Thursday, April 24th

6:00 p.m. - 'Out of the Box': [read more]

Tuesday, May 6th

6:00 p.m. - Hailey Community Climate Challenge Documentary [read more]

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How can you make a donation to the Library?

The Library accepts donations both large and small.

Click here for more information or to make an online donation.

Click here for our book donation policy.

Click here for information on the Gold Mine Thrift Store.

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How do you acquire a library card?

Acquiring library cards at the Community Library is free to all, and available to all.

To get a library card, bring a picture ID to the circulation desk and fill out a registration card with your mailing address and contact information, wherever you get mail in the world.  Any valid picture ID is acceptable—Employee IDs, Student IDs, international driver’s licenses from any country, Costco cards.  A local address is not required, nor are there any residency restrictions—we have patrons from all over the globe.  Introductory patrons are limited to checking out six items for the first three months, and upgrade to full patron status thereafter. 

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How do you find library hours and holidays?

Our hours are available at the top of all of our web pages.

We are open six days a week, and are closed on Sundays and many holidays.

We also close on Wagon Days, though we remain open on Columbus Day.  The Children’s Library always closes at 6:00 pm, the Adult Library stays open until 9:00 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Computers shut down 15 minutes before closing.

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How do you find what types of items there are?

The Community Library lends over 80,000 items.

We carry current and classical fiction and nonfiction books, and have a strong collection of audiobooks, music CDs and DVDS for adults, young adults and juveniles.  


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How do you get a copy of the scrolling photo?

Contact the staff of the Regional History Department of the Community Library.

We have devised three ways to make copy photographs from our archive available to the public.  Use fees, postage, and reproduction fees will apply. 


The Regional History Department offers Museum Quality Archival Reprints to our patrons.  Printed on archival quality papers using archival inks, the images have been retouc hed to eliminate scratches and finger prints.  The color photos have been brought back to the Kodachrome intensity some of us remember as children.  


You can support the Community Library and buy a mid-priced photo reproduction by linking to .  A local frame shop has entered into an agreement with the Community Library to sell reprints of some of the photos from the archive.  A percentage of the cost of the reprint and a percentage of the framing cost helps the Library with the cost of maintaining the photo collection and the archive. 


For students, Study Prints are available for those who are not interested in high resolution prints that will last for years.  For illustrating a term paper, a thesis, or a dissertation, these prints a re more than adequate.  For an inexpensive souvenir, or as short term memento, study prints are a great buy.  


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How do you get a library card for a child?

Children 13 and under may get virtual cards to check out their favorite items.

Parents must sign up for a library card of their own when enrolling a child.  A library card is not required to attend story hours or other library activities, and we encourage parents to visit the library with their children whether enrolled or not.  Children under the age of nine are not allowed to be left unaccompanied in the Library.

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How do you purchase a Lucille Ball reprint?

Due to issues of Rights to Publicity and Rights to Privacy, not all of the photographs in the archive are available for reprint.

The Community Library can not make reprints of photos containing the image of any celebrity (any person who might reasonably expect to make money in exchange for the use of their image) living or dead. You will have to negotiate terms with the people who manage the estate of each celebrity in each of the photos you are interested.  If the staff of the Regional History Department has that contact informa tion, we will provide it to you.  

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How do you renew a book online?

In order to renew a book online, you must first have a PIN associated with your account. If you do not have a PIN or have forgotten yours, please call the Library at (208) 726-3493 during the hours visible at the top of the page. If you have your PIN and Library Card number, please proceed to step 1.

  1. Click on the 'Online Catalog' link from the menu bar
  2. Click on 'Patron Review' button
  3. Put your Library Card number and PIN into the appropriate fields
  4. Once logged in, click on the 'Loans' link
  5. Check the boxes next to the items you wish to renew and click the 'Renew' button in the menu above

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How do you use a computer at the library?

We have computers available to the public free of charge and do not require a library card to use.

Wireless access is available for laptops and personal communications devices.  Our Business WorkStation, word processors and Rosetta Stone language labs may be reserved in advance.  There are also 16 public internet stations available in Reference and 4 public internet stations in the Children's Library.

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How do you use proper cell phone etiquette?

Please do not converse on cell phones.

Cell phones and other personal communications devices may be used in the entry foyers only.  Please help us maintain a cell phone free library.

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